Here is a selection of projects and things I have been doing over the years:

Webapp connected to HSL API to see which are the next stops from a given stop in Helsinki. Tools used: Shiny, leaflet, GraphQL

Finding stories in the data and visualizing them on the weekly visualization challenge. Tools used: R and ggplot2

R package to serve as an interface between R and QlikView, to read qvd files and reload qvw files. Tools used: R and CMD commands

  • Reproducible report workshop

I prepared and delivered a open workshop including coding exercises for attendees.


A blog in Spanish about Lean manufacturing applied to everyday life. The goal was to share the concepts simply and understandably, to make other people aware of the Lean thinking and for me to learn on the way as well.

A series of posts where the main idea was to start in a point on the city and within a 1 km radius take 5 very different pictures, thus showcasing the diversity in Tallinn (there is much more than charming old town).


  • Building a sous vide circulator

In this project, I bought components online, created a customized enclosure to fit them and made the electrical wiring. This served to do slow cooking exactly at the right temperature. Check the 1st test I made with boiling eggs at 63 degrees Celsius. Delicious and so creamy.

Practiced DJing for several years, occasionally playing in a few bars and clubs. I’m not much of a dancer, but I liked a lot to play music to others and making them dance.